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    Automated warehouse Introduction to libraries

    Date:2013-04-17 13:07:58Source:Views:5027

    Automation three-dimensional warehouse is the rapid development of in the in Modern Logistics System an important an integral part of the of, It has a the economical use of land, reduce labor intensity, the elimination of error-, increase capacities for storage level of automation and management of level, to improve the management and operation of the quality of personnel, to reduce storage and transportation wear and tear, effectivelyto reduce the the the backlog of of the liquidity, to improve the logistics efficiency and and many other advantages. With the plant-level computer management information system networking as well as the closely linked to the with the production line automation three-dimensional warehouse more is the of today's CIMS (computer integrated manufacturing system) and FMS (flexible manufacturing system) a key link in of the essential.

    The Institute of Automation around the the automated warehousing system to developed a variety of of Automation System, Hardware equipment and software products, such as: the different types of Inventory Management Software, the system simulation software, graphics The Monitoring and Scheduling software, stacking machine conveyor control software, bar code recognition tracking system, handling robot, palletizing mechanical hand, the auto-run trolley, cargo sorting system, stacking machine to identify the site detection system, the control system of the stacking machine, cargo and-bit detector of, a high degree of detector, conveyor systems, palletizing system, automatic conveying trolley, and and so on on products.