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    The main technical performance of the automated warehouse

    Date:2018-12-13 10:24:45Source:Views:5027

    (1) Control system:
    State-of-the-art technology, the use of field control bus to communicate directly, truly computer monitoring does not control all decision-making, job scheduling, and on-site information by stacker, storage conveyor and other field devices through mutual communication between thecoordination completed.
    ● tray number for each cargo space were recorded stacker and computer database, the administrator can use the comparison function to compare the records in the computer records and stackers, and make modifications, modifications can be done automatically and manually complete .
    Full-featured system software and hardware, the user interface is clear, easy operation and maintenance.
    ● stacker automatic recall origin function, that whatever the case, as long as the fork central level operating normally, in accordance with an order issued by automatically return to the origin. This means that the operating and maintenance personnel can try to enter the roadway.
    ● Intelligent control system can achieve real automatic stocktaking, to avoid heavy manual stocktaking work, to reduce the staff strength of the warehouse management, while ensuring that the error rate of the database operations zero. 

    (2) monitoring and management system, including data management, storage management, a database management, queries, reports, documents and stocktaking, alarm, monitoring and animation module.