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    Automated guided vehicle

    Automated Guided Vehicle, referred to as AGV, refers to the automatic guidance device equipped with electromagnetic or optical, under the guidance along the path with security protection as well as a variety of transfer functions truck, industrial applicationswithout the driver of the truck, a rechargeable battery as its power source. Generally identified by the computer to control the route and behavior, or to set up their route using electromagnetic rail, laser, GPS, the AGV and follow the message brought by the guidance track movement and action.

    AGV is characterized by a wheeled mobile than the walk, crawl or other non-wheeled mobile robot with fast action, high efficiency, simple structure, control, and security advantages. Compared to other equipment used in material handling, AGV's activity area without the laying of the track, bearing frame fixtures, free space, the limit of the road. Therefore, automated logistics system, the most fully reflect the automatic and flexible, efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production.

    Navigation / Guidance
       1、Wire Guidance
       2、Magnetic Tape Guidance
       3、Laser Navigation
       4、Visual Navigation
       5、GPS Navigation