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    Demolition of palletizing robots

    The demolition palletizing robot by detecting chuck and the gas pressure inside the balance cylinder, automatic identification without load on the mechanical arm, and a pneumatic logic control circuit automatically adjusts the pressure balance within the cylinder, to achieve automatic balancing purposes. Heavy work as if suspended in the air, to avoid collision when the item is butt. The operating range of the robot, the operator can easily move up and down in the around to any position, staff can easily operation. At the same time, the pneumatic circuit to prevent misuse off objects and voltage protection chain protection function. The palletizing robot able to the different Dimensions packaged goods, neat, automatically code (or demolition) on the tray (or production line). The robot has to take full advantage of the area of the tray and the stability of the code heap material, material stacking order, arrange the set. To meet from low speed to high, from bags to a carton, from palletizer a product to palletizing a variety of different products, used in product handling, palletizing.

    The palletizing robot structure is very simple, low failure rate, easy maintenance and repair. Palletizing robot can be set in a narrow space, you can effectively use. All control operation in the control cabinet screen can be very simple to operate. Versatility: the replacement of the robot gripper to complete the stacking and unstacking of different goods, the relatively low cost of the customer's purchase. The palletizing robot adapted to the automotive, chemical, beverage, food, beer, plastic and other automated production enterprises; adapt to a variety of boxes, bags, cans, beer crates and other packaging of various shapes.