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    Three-dimensional AS / RS shelf library

    Form of the structure can be divided into the library shelf separate and library shelf combination type
    The separate library shelf: to build a house, and then in a house built shelves, the shelves are usually modular shelves that spray a combination of cold-formed steel, with a simple to assemble, easy to disassemble and adjustment features.
    The Integrated Treasury: Treasury and shelf integrated column of the shelf as a support. Usually designed to consider the building design standards, to consider the impact of the natural environment, such as earthquakes, wind, snow, construction difficult, but the short construction period, the cost is relatively low.

    Most of the automated warehouse in foreign library shelf for unity. Library shelf-one-dimensional warehouse in China is still in the initial stage. My company has a rich library shelf combination of experience in the design and construction of the three-dimensional warehouse. The shelf is the main support structure for the entire three-dimensional warehouse system to achieve three-dimensional storage of goods, mainly by the shelf piece, column connections, beam, horizontal rod arrangement, the vertical rod device, lifting beam, ends grid, three-dimensional warehouse indispensable component.

    1, columns and support beams using German technology rolling mill;
    2, beams of two C-type cohesion beams so on, thickness doubled, greatly enhancing the bearing performance;
    3, the column cross-section of 13 surface moment of inertia, carrying capacity and impact resistance;
    4, the surface of the shelf using the most advanced Ruishijinma spraying equipment spray coating thickness of 60-80 microns, good looks;
    5, using state-of-the-art shelf technology mature, reasonable design, novel structure, safe and reliable; shelves made ??of high quality steel, the design takes into account a variety of factors, such as lighting and fire protection systems.
    6, the shelf unit load with the special requirements of the wind load, snow load carrying capacity in general: 500,750,1000,1500,2000,3000,4000,5000 Kg.