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    Scheduling control and management system

    The automated warehouse scheduling Monitoring and Management System (WC / MS) is the use of the computer to achieve the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (Automated Storage / Retrival System) devices run process control, real-time monitoring, and logistics information management and tracking. Logistics information management, including job planning, job scheduling, job process, and operational changes. The computer scheduling monitoring and management system is an important part of the automated warehouse system.
    WC / MS design principles should be the nature of the practicality, reliability, advanced and open (expandable).

    AS / RS system level
    Complete AS / RS is divided into four, namely: the service layer management, control layer, and implementation layer. WC / MS management of the above three:
    Service layer By the system server database services, data exchange and processing of material information through the local area network and the management and business system information integration and sharing of resources.
    Management Senior management responsible for the management of cargo warehouse system into a database management and query reports, inventory analysis, system maintenance, failure analysis, the server and the monitoring system of information exchange and operating instructions issued.
    Monitoring layer Responsible for receiving and forwarding, coordination and management system into the library instruction to complete decomposition of the operating instructions, queuing and release of ministries actuator control logistics equipment; receive and process control system for a variety of real-time information acquisition and animation tracking. Contact the heart of the management and control systems.
    Execution Layer Through the various aspects of implementing agencies, execute, track and in order to complete the mandate of the operating instructions.