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    Through shelves

    Through shelves, also known as Rack Corridor or drive-in rack, all plug assembly structure, the column disc assembly structure, corbels for a special one-time stamping Cross corbels, high strength and good rigidity, beautiful appearance, cattleleg beam is designed rolling sloping ribs superior corbel beams, roof beams and column pieces bolted structure; wall shelves of the regional total depth is generally the best control in less than 6 tray depth, the middle area on both sidesthe preferred shelf total depth of ships is preferably controlled within 12 tray depth, in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of the forklift access. Such shelf stability of the system is weak in all types of shelves, this shelf is not too high, generally less than 11m, in addition, the system still need to add Shiraz solid device. The shelf arrangement of such a system-intensive, high utilization of space, almost twice that of conventional pallet racking, storage suitable for large displacement of less variety of goods of the same type, the goods can be removed from the same side of the deposit (advanced after) also can be deposited from one side to the other side remove the (first-in, first-out), used for dairy, beverage and food industry, cold storage is also more common.