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    Shuttle board shelves

    Shuttle racking system: by shuttle shelves, shuttle trolleys and forklift or stacker composed of high-density storage systems, storage of this high efficiency is bringing a new level of choice in order to improve the utilization of warehouse space.

    I first developed in the country to launch eight shuttle plate, it can pass through the gap between the shelves and the stacker. And for the first time introduced in the country the shuttle plate stacker used in conjunction with the high-density storage system. To achieve savings in the traditional cargo storage mode, manual or forklift channels must be maintained between each row of cargo space, automatic storage mode, stacker roadway space; density storage shuttle plate integrated walking and lifting function by running track , close-packed shelves workpiece access to the amount of goods stored in the same volume increased to more than 30%. The tray shuttle plate can not only shuttle on the shelf stackers, transport trolley, chain conveyors, roller conveyors and other equipment combination into a fully automated high-density automated warehouse.
    • High-density storage, warehouses high utilization rate of
    • High working efficiency, greatly reducing the job waiting time
    • Work flexible access of goods can be first-in, first-out, can also be advanced out
    • Security, reduce the shelves collision, improve security productivity
    • Inventories: forklift goods in the rack aisle guide the forefront, the shuttle operated by radio remote control car, you can carry pallets on the rail;
    • Pick: Shuttle shelf depths of tray moving to the shelves forefront of forklift pallets removed from the shelves;
    • The Move Shuttle: the shuttle trolley placed on different roadway, multiple roadway can share a shuttle car by a forklift. Number of shuttle cars is determined by the roadway depth, the total volume of freight shipped bulk, shipping frequency factors;
    • Load:1000~1500kg
    • Speed: Empty 1.0-1.1 m / s
    • Operating speed: full load of 0.8-0.9 m / s
    • Drive power: lithium iron phosphate
    • Battery capacity: 80AH
    • Low-temperature life: more than 6 hours
    • Number of charge cycles: more than 1200 times
    • Sensing range: 100 m sensing range of the remote control
    • Multi-less kind: food, beverages, chemicals, tobacco, and other single species of large quantities of single items Industry
    • Cold storage operations: to reduce the low-temperature operating time, improve work efficiency and job security
    • Term management: item batch there are strict requirements, the need to first-in, first-out operations management warehouse
    • Increase storage capacity: storage space is limited, you need to maximize the use of space warehouse

    Working principle
    The the working principle of of the shuttle style shelves by the forklift or storage truck machine the goods placed on the the top of of the guide rail of the of the roadway of the shuttle style shelves, through the the the of the shuttle trolley of of the radio remote control operation, that can carry the easily run of the tray the goods on the guide rail; the shuttle the Taiwan-car will shelvesthe depths of the tray moving to to the the the front end of the shelves the most,, can be of with a forklift or stacking machine will the the shuttle trolley placed in the a different of the roadway, multiple roadway can be be with the use of a shuttle the trolley. The a combination of factors of the the shuttle the the the number of of the Taiwan-car by the roadway depth, total volume of freight, shipping frequency, and and so on to decide.